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Well, I did it again. I put up another static site built with CodeKit and hosted on Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service). The new site takes it's design queues and layout straight from this site, so it will look familiar.

Amazon S3

The biggest difference between this site and the new site is the hosting. This blog is hosted right on GitHub which makes deployment a breeze. To deploy this site all I have to do is commit some code and push it to GitHub.

  git add .
  git commit -m "commit message"
  git push origin master

For the new site the commands is a little different.

  aws s3 sync . s3://
  --exclude ".git/*"
  --exclude "*.kit"
  --exclude "css/scss/*"
  --exclude ".DS_Store"
  --exclude ".gitignore"
  --exclude "*.codekit"
  --exclude "_partials/*"

The exclude options get rid of the noise from the Git SCM and Codekit. There's no need to add these files to the Amazon S3 bucket. I of course add the files for the new site to source control. Don't want to lose all my hard work.

Route 53

The only difficult thing about the new site setup was configuring Route 53 and the DNS entries on Hover. With the help of some documentation and trial and error, I was able to configure Route 53 to be the Names Servers for the domain.

Once Amazon Route 53 was the accepted name servers, setting up the forwarding and ANAMES were easy.

Easy As Pie

Now that I have been through the experience of hosting on Amazon S3 Buckets, I must say it's pretty slick. For static sites, I think it's the best option I've found so far. Wonder what my next static site will be.
Adam J Wolf

Adam J Wolf

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